*Private classes/coaching in Dance, and Body Alignment Movement Therapy upon availability. Please contact me directly!


10:00-11:00pm - Company Rehearsal and at Ballet Nova in Falls Church

*Unique fee of 35$ per class for non company members/apprentices and company members not taking technique on Mondays

*Please register through me directly



*7:30-8:30pm - Multi-level Belly Dance Technique, Rhythm, and Improvisation at Ballet Petite in McLean
*Please register through me directly


*7:30pm-8:45pm Beginner Ballet (for non-beginners!) at Ballet Nova in Falls Church. *Please register on their website


*11:30am-12:45pm  Ballet for 50+ at Ballet Nova in Falls Church


*7:30pm-8:45pm  Basic Beginner Ballet at Ballet Nova in Falls Church. *Please register on their website


The mission of Circle of World Arts’ school, “Arabesque Dance Academy” (ADA) is to train students to perform and choreograph at a high level by promoting the teaching of dance not only as a somatic form but as an expressive cultural art. We have developed a unique curriculum to effectively impart the technique and aesthetics of Eastern dance, music, rhythm, and culture to all students of dance, regardless of ethnicity or background.

Our vision is to highlight the beauty and relevance of traditional artistic styles of Asia focusing on Egyptian, Pan-Arabic Folkloric dance,Pan-Asian Folkloric dance as well as modern choreographies.

Classes are offered for all levels of ability and experience. Advanced dancers have the opportunity to perform with Arabesque Dance Theatre, our resident dance company.

Welcome to Arabesque Dance Academy, where East meets West


Class Cards & Enrollment

Class cards are non-transferable and non-refundable. Class cards are not valid after their expiration date.

Class Cancellations

Circle of World Arts reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment. Students enrolled will be given the option to transfer the class or receive a refund. Class cancellations due to inclement  weather or other events will be posted on the homepage and texts will be sent to enrolled students. Cancelled classes will not be rescheduled; students may use their class cards to make up cancelled classes as a "missed class" (see below Making up Missed Classes). Extra make-up classes may be offered.

Making Up Missed Classes

You may make up missed classes in any technique or combination class that is not full, at the same level or below, during the current session. There is no need to call, when you sign-in, just let the the teacher know that you are making up a class.

Missed classes must be made up during the current session and cannot be carried over. If classes are cancelled because of inclement weather you may make up the class as stated above.

Substitute Teachers

Circle of World Arts reserves the right to have substitute teachers for classes.


        Missing warm-up exercises can contribute to                                         injury.  Permitting latecomers into class is also disruptive to the teacher and other students.  Therefore, students who are more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to take class.  They have the option of observing class or taking an alternative/make-up class. 

Classroom Etiquette

        From the moment class begins until it finishes, students are expected to listen closely to the teacher and not interrupt any class in session.

        Dancers are required to show respect and courtesy for all students, teachers, and staff members. Disruptive and improper behavior will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to, bullying, negative or derogatory comments, and overblown egos.  At Circle of World Arts, we all support and encourage each other.

        Respect the learning environment. Instructors reserve the right to remove any student or observer at their discretion who disrupts the enjoyable and safe learning environment, in which case no monies will be refunded or credited. Family and other guests must wait quietly in the seating area until class is dismissed.


- $144 per 8 week session, valid only if purchased by the beginning of the 2nd class of the session

  1. -$25 Drop Ins

  1. *a 2.75% fee will be added if paying by credit card or on Paypal

  2. *There is a $36 fee for ALL returned checks and automatic payments.